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Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River

 (i). An Tai Bridge

One of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? An Tai Bridge was built in the middle section of An Tai River, the current west end of Zhu Zi Fang (Red and Purple Lane) on North Bayiqi Road (North Eight One Seven Rd.). The bridge, with its initial name She Men Bridge, was built in the 1st year of the reign of Emperor Tian Fu, Tang Dynasty (901) but rebuilt in the 7th year of the reign of Emperor Xuan He, Song Dynasty (1125). The single-arched bridge, 11 metres long and 6 metres wide, is running from south to north. Its rim was built with layers of rectangular stone slabs. Now it is covered with an overlay of concrete bridge and was announced as the 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(ii) Ao Men Bridge

One of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Ao Men Bridge was originally called Qing Yuan Men Bridge and nicknamed Ya Men Bridge. It used to be a moat bridge outside the Qing Yuan Gate of the old Town “Luo Cheng?and is situated at the end of Guang Lu Fang (Emperor Attendant Lane), connecting Ao Men Road and Nan Hou Street. The single-arched bridge, 10 metres long and 6 metres wide, is running from south to north, and now kept under a newly extended concrete bridge. It was announced as the 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(iii) Ban Bridge

One of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Ban Bridge was also known as Hong Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) and nicknamed “Lao Fo Ting Bridge?(Old Buddha Pavilion Bridge). Situated at the southern side of Guang Lu Fang (Emperor Attendant Lane), it runs across the moat of the old Town “Luo Cheng?from south to north. It was built of wood in the Five Dynasties. In the 30th year of the reign of Emperor Wan Li, Ming Dynasty (1602), the bridge was rebuilt into a flat stone girder bridge. The completed bridge was 5.35 metres long and 3 meters wide. Paved with 4 slabs of stone, it has balustrades on both facades and along the parapets are balusters with carved crowning gemstones. Ban Bridge, together with the Old Buddha Temple on the opposite presents a unique look of a town with a long history. The bridge was announced as a 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(iv) Er Qiao Ting Bridge

One of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Er Qiao Ting Bridge is situated to the south of Jin Dou Bridge and to the west of Hou Xiang Street in Cang Qian. “The Chronicle of Fujian’s Capital City?of the Ming Dynasty says:?Cang Qian bridge, next to Chang (ever) Feng(abundant) barn, is the second bridge running from north to south, upon which there stands a pavilion.?Thus the bridge was named “Er(second) Qiao(bridge) Ting(pavilion)? Entirely made of wood, it runs from northeast to southwest across the moat of the old Town “Luo Cheng? A pavilion for people to shelter from storm was built on the bridge. The pavilion is a very wide (3 units of bay width, equals approximately 3X10 Chinese feet, or 3X3.3metres), column and tie wooden construction, with round ridge roof and 8 pillars. It is the only ancient wooden bridge with pavilion used as a shelter. The bridge was announced as a 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(v) Kwan-Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Bridge

One of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Kwan-Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Bridge is situated at where An Tai River and Wen Zao River met the west of the old town. Built in the 13th year of the reign of Emperor Cheng Hua, Ming Dynasty (1477), it is the oldest stone arch bridge in Gulou District, Fuzhou. The bridge got its name from the statue of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) standing next to it. The completed bridge is 8.5 metres long, 5.1 metres wide with a span of 5 metres. Paved with 15 slabs of stone, the bridge has 3 pairs of stone balustrades in the west side. Along the parapets are 4 pairs of balusters engraved with lotus blossoms. The bridge was announced as a 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(vi) Guan Yi Bridge

Originally as “Che Nu?bridge, one of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Guan Yi Bridge is at the front doorstep of San (three) Shan (mountain) Yi (post house), hence nicknamed “Guan Yi? also known locally as “Yi Qian (front) Bridge?. Situated at the west end of Yi Jin Fang (Silk Robes Lane) the wooden bridge runs across the moat of the old Town “Luo Cheng?and was built in the Tang dynasty. In the 14th year of the reign of Emperor Cheng Hua, Ming Dynasty (1478), it was rebuilt into a stone bridge. Then in the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Dao Guang, Qing Dynasty (1838), it was rebuilt into a single-arched stone bridge. The bridge is 7 metres long and 5.05 metres wide and runs from east to west. Paved with 6 slabs of stone, it has 4 pairs of balusters engraved with lotus blossoms. A  It was announced as a 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.


(vii) Jin Dou Bridge

Originally as “Jin Dou Men?Bridge, one of the “Seven Bridges over Qiong Dong River? Jin Dou Bridge is situated at the west end of Wen Ru Fang (Scholar Confucians Lane) across the moat of the old Town “Luo Cheng? It was rebuilt in the 23rd year of the reign of Emperor Jia Qing, Qing Dynasty (1818). The flat stone girder bridge, running from east to west, is 10.2 metres long and 3.7 metres wide. Paved with 4 big slabs of stone, it has 6 balusters along the parapets. It was announced as a 3rd group of cultural sites under municipal protection in 1992.

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